On the sidelines of the memorandum of understanding between the Middle East Forum for Historical Studies in Tokyo and the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, a Japanese delegation has visited Kerbela Center for Historical Studies and Researches.
Abdul-Ameer El-Quraishi, director of the center, said that the Japanese delegation, headed by Autsomo Aukada, expert in ancient history, visited Kerbela Center in order to activate the memorandum of understanding by exchanging cultures between Japan and Iraq.
The Middle East Forum for Historical Studies has been translating a book named “Imam Hussein’s Revolution,” by cleric Mohammed Mehdi Shems Ed-Deen, and will publish it in Japan when it is finished, added El-Quraishi.
The delegation presented an invaluable painting, by the grand Japanese painter Morikuni Koizumi, to the center. In return, Kerbela Center also presented the delegation with shields, in recognition of their efforts.