A Belgian woman converted to Islam and uttered the two testimonies of faith in Imam Redha Holy Shrine.
According to media, Miri Fabiul Lamorit, who has visited Imam Redha Holy Shrine for the third time, has converted to Islam from Christianity Catholic.
"I observed the real Islam seven years ago when in the hospital I met my patient 'Nesar Ahmad Amiri', who ignited the first sparks of real Islam in my mind", she said.
"After this acquaintance, I tried to learn more about Islam and to ask my questions about the reason of performing prayer and the like from my patient", she continued.
"A Qur’an in French, a book about prayer, and a Nahj al-Balagha were the first gifts from him. After a while, I started reading the books and did my best to comprehend their exalted contexts", she said.
Referring to Qur’an chapters, she noted, " 'Alaq' chapter and the story of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, were among the valuable chapters that have caused that I realize Islam according to its exalted instructions and try to take this celestial religion with myself as souvenir to my friends."
It is notable that at the end of converting ritual, the Muslim convert was awarded the Islamic conversion certificate and some blessed gifts by Office of Non - Iranian Pilgrims and Miri chose the name 'Maryam' for herself.