Grand Ayatollah Shirazi representativeHujatul Islam Sheikh SalihSebaweih took part in the 16th Shia Scholars Conference in North America amid the participation of a number of Shia scholars from the United States and Canada.
The conference, held in IMAM Islamic Center in Dearborn, discussed the latest developments and challenges in regards to the Shia Scholars Association, including finding Shia Islamic Centers that truly identify the late Shia scholars’ biographies to the American society, and countering those who claim the Shia scholarship and religious knowledge based on other’s ignorance.
Sheikh Sebaweih conveyed Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s greetings and instructions on uniting the Shias in addition to the dissemination of the holy Quran, culture of the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, and the peaceful coexistence between different faiths and sects.
Grand Ayatollah Sistani representativeHujatul Islam Sayyid al-Kashmiri expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Shirazi Religious Authority for supporting the event.
A Scholars Committee will be formedfrom within the conference members to visit different religious and official centers for answering their questions about Islam, and another committee for counteringextremism through modern methods including satellite channels and social media.