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Sheikh Mohammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani - one of the primary figureheads of the Salafi movement in the 20th Century, and a former teacher at the Islamic University of Madinah. He is regarded as a leading scholar of the "Sunni" sect, and one of the most prominent proponents of the Salafi ideology.

Salafis are often the first to wrongfully and unjustly accuse Shia Muslims of believing that the Holy Quran has been subject to distortion - in particular, holding the belief that certain verses have been removed from today's Quran.

Little do they know that their very own Sheikh Al-Albani has openly admitted that Abdullah ibn Masoud, one of the most revered Sahaba (companions of the Prophet) for "Sunni" Muslims, believed that Surah Al-Falaq (113) and Surah Al-Nas (114) were NOT originally part of the Holy Quran, and that these chapters had been ADDED to the book of Allah. Al-Albani goes on to say that Abdullah ibn Masoud would, therefore, WIPE OUT these two chapters of the Quran whenever he saw them... "out of his care for the Quran" - as Al-Albani puts it.

The intent behind translating and exposing this recording of Al-Albani is to reveal the nature of Salafi scholarship, who tirelessly attempt to hide such things from their followers. Notice how, within the video, Al-Albani says that there is no benefit in revealing Abdullah ibn Masoud's belief in Tahreef (distortion) of the Quran, as this was merely a "mistake" of ibn Masoud. Al-Albani ironically also says that Abdullah ibn Masoud was a "virtuous" man who has "served the religion", and therefore, his "mistaken" opinion that the Holy Quran had been distorted can be overlooked.

It is truly laughable that their common laymen have never heard of such a belief held by one of their most prominent narrators of Hadith, and one of their most revered Sahaba. We wonder what they will now say about Abdullah ibn Masoud...

watch the video :-


thank you so much
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