The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein is participating in the annual Ameer al-Mumineen Festival organized by al-Abbas Holy Shrine in India this month under the slogan, “Ameer al-Mumineen, the Vicegerent on the Worshippers and the Guide to Guidance”.
Sheikh Ali al-Fatlawi, holy shrine representative, stated, “The holy shrines of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas proceeds on holding festivals and conferences outside Iraq that aim to disseminate Ahlulbayt’s culture and connect with the Muslim nation around the world.”
This is the fifth consecutive festival and the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has participated in all five, achieving great success through its book fair and Quran ceremonies.
Ameer al-Mumineen Festival is being held for the fifth consecutive every year in India by al-Abbas Holy Shrine, with participations from the holy shrines in Iraq.