Every spring at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) hosts Islam Awareness week to engage with the larger Rutgers community and educate people about the Islamic religion and culture.
The event is held this week in a large tent outside of Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus and will continue until Friday.Arts and Sciences seniors HadearSeliman and Reshma Vohra, and School of Arts and Sciences junior Habibah Arshad.
“There are so many misconceptions, especially nowadays, in the media or anywhere else, about Islam and what it's portrayed as,” Seliman said. “This tent is a forum to have discussions with other people about this religion — what we follow, who we follow, what we do in terms of worship. Every aspect of being a Muslim. And that's what we want to make people aware of.”
In the tent, there are kiosks with activities that highlight different aspects of Islamic culture.