A Bahraini rights group has reported an unprecedented rise in human rights violations in Bahrain, saying the abuses are taking place in a more systematic manner.
In its annual report, titled “Bahrain...The Map of Persecution: Undermining Civil Society” and released on Sunday, the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) said it had documented 2,389 rights violations in 2016, including 337 cases of violations of the right to freedom of religion.
The report added that the Manama regime illegally revoked the citizenship of 306 people last year while arbitrarily arresting some 1,246 others, including 185 children.
The BFHR further said that, “The Bahraini authorities have imposed a complete ban on peaceful assembly since 2014, and have used excessive force to disperse demonstrators since 2011, which have caused 4,997 injuries.”
The rights group also said that the Bahraini regime approved legislation and made changes to certain laws in order to be able to prosecute activists.