Wala’ Shaheen wrote an article in the Huffington Post under the title, ‘It’s Time to Acknowledge ShiaGenocide’, where she made clear the oppression and genocide against the Shias all over the world.
The author referred in particular to the recent massacre by terrorist groups in Syria which claimed the lives of dozens of Shias from the villages of Kafriya and Alfoua, as well as the international community helplessness towards the crime.
Shaheen said that the international community is also ignoring the war launched by Saudi Arabia on Yemen, which killed more than 10 thousand people, indicating that there is a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, but it does not get the same attention from the media or legislators, or Trump because it is under attack by the Kingdom of Arabia Saudi Arabia, a US ally.
She noted that the same applies to the situation in Nigeria, where the Shias constitute a very small minority of Muslims in the country, and last year, the soldiers burned hundreds of Shias in the town of Zarya alive, and then threw them in mass graves, and subjected the Nigerian Shia cleric Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaki for brutal torture and kidnapping since last year.
She referred to the situation of the Shias in Bahrain, who are deprived of their basic civil rights by the authorities. "Although they make up more than 70% of the country's Muslims, the Shias have little political power in Bahrain. The author also wrote about the targeting of Shias in Pakistan by banned terrorist groups in the country.
Shaheen stressed that highlighting the Shia genocide does not mean that the Sunni victims are less important, but made clear that these victims are not targeted because they are Sunni.