In this crucial clip, Brother Hassan Al-Qadri and Sayed Ali Al-Shobayri address the entire concept behind the immature, Nasibi propaganda channel, "AntiMajosProductions".

Is the Shia Islamic understanding of Tawheed (monotheism) to be taken from what certain, over-exaggerating speakers utter on the pulpit, in the Arabic world, and from unknown, extremist "reciters" who claim to be Shia?

Or rather is the most fundamental Shia belief to be taken from the words of the Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them) themselves?

Why not read Kitab Al-Tawheed, by Sheikh Al-Saduq, if you wish to understand what Shia Islam teaches with regards to the Oneness of Almighty Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He)?

The statement of the most senior Islamic Authority in the Shia world, Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ali Al-Sistani (may Allah lengthen his life), condemning Shia speakers from narrating anything untrue or fabricated upon the pulpit:

"AntiMajosProductions" EXPOSED:


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