The area between the holy shrines, or Bein al-Haramein, witnessed opening Karbala International Book Fair as a part of the activities of the ThirteenthRabi’ulShahadaInternational Cultural Festival.
The festival is held under the title of ‘Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, an Eternal Source of Knowledge and Faith’ under the sponsorship of the holy shrines of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas, peace be upon them.
The festival will launch on the third of Shaaban coinciding with the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, in the presence of religious and academic figures.
Muyasar al-Hakeem, director of Karbala International Book Fair, said that the book fair is held in an area of 3000 m2, with the participation of more than 165 local and international publishing houses.
In the same context, Imam Hussein Satellite Channels announced that the group will be taking part in the activities of the book fair.