High-level delegations from 35 countries have attended the beginning of the 13th Rabieul Shahada or Martyrdom Spring International Cultural Festival, held by the Imam Hussein and the al-Abbas Holy Shrines on the anniversary of the blessed births of Imam Hussein and al-Abbas, peace be upon them.
From 35 countries academicians; educationists; clerics of various religions and religious denominations; politicians; scholars; and litterateurs participated in this annual festival.
Sayyid Ahmed al-Safi, custodian of the al-Abbas Holy Shrine, delivered a speech on behalf of the Imam Hussein and the al-Abbas Holy Shrines in which he talked about al-Tuf battle (the Day of Ashura), saying that this epic was the pioneering element to rise against tyranny, injustice, and oppression.
The head of the Shia Muslim Endowment Bureau, sayyid Ala’ El-Musawi, delivered a speech, in addition to some other attendants, including the Vatican representative Pope Alberto Ortega Martin who said, “I would like to remind you of Pope Francis’ love for this country specially, and for the Middle East generally. I invite you to pray for peace and for informative dialogue in order to build our societies.”