Yehya Traroy, an Islamic preacher from Burkina Faso – South Africa, has embraced Shiisim “The true Islam of the Prophet Mohammed and his family” peace be upon them.
Traroy took part in the 13th Rabul Shahada International Cultural Festival annually held by the Imam Hussein and the al-Abbas Holy Shrines on the anniversary of the blessed births of Imam Hussein, Imamal-Sejjadand al-Abbas, peace be upon them.
Traroy said, since I attended the cultural festival, I have heard so much about Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and I have heard that the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, had been the Prophet’s true successors, but we have never heard such things from our clerics; they usually tell us about people other than Ahlulbait, peace be upon them. The whole world needs to know and become acquainted with the Ahlulbayt.