Saudi forces have unleashed a new wave of deadly violence on the third day of raids on the kingdom's Shia-majority area of Qatif.

On Friday, security forces opened fire on a vehicle in Awamiyah, killing its driver. Saudi forces also shelled a residential area, completely destroying a mosque. Reports said heavy artillery and helicopter gunships were used in the attack. In the past two days, Saudi forces killed three citizens, including a child, in shooting and shelling incidents in Qatif. The violence began on Wednesday after a batch of armored vehicles stormed Awamiyah and razed a number of residential buildings for alleged renovation. The security forces have ever since blocked humanitarian aid and entrance roads to the area. Qatif is the birthplace of pro-democracy campaigner Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr who was executed by the Al Saud regime in 2016. Nimr's execution has failed to end six years of peaceful protests in the region for reforms and freedom of expression.