LONDON & MANCHESTER ATTACKS | Shia Muslim's Perspective Tobias10

In the lead up to, and during the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, namely the month of Ramadan, the world has witnessed numerous terrorist attacks by Daesh (ISIS), targeting innocent, defenceless civilians, pedestrians, young children, teenagers - the list goes on. Their barbaric nature has undoubtedly been manifested in the past month or so.

But enough truly is enough. We must ask ourselves: what do all these terrorist attacks have in common, that even after militarily defeating ISIS, will not have been tackled? The answer: the Salafi/Wahhabi-inspired ideology that defeating has been described as being "one of the greatest challenges of our time". But as leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has pointed out - where is the funding of such extremist ideology coming from, and why is the West engaging in arms deals with those Gulf states? Why is it that top Saudi clerics are today admitting that ISIS in fact draw their religious justifications from Saudi's state religion, yet the tyrannical Saudi regime are free to finance the building of Salafi mosques and institutions all over the United Kingdom, and beyond? Why are radical preachers free to spew the ideology of ISIS? Something must change, and fast.

Brother Abdul-Malik Shlibak ends with a plea to his fellow Shia Muslim brothers and sisters to not shy away from speaking with utmost clarity on this issue. For surely, a passive and disingenuous approach to such a threat will not do anyone any favours.

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