Racists Targeting Mosques across Spain Captur14

Vandals attacked a Spanish mosque with racist graffiti – the latest in a spate of Islamophobic assaults in the country since Thursday’s terror attack in Barcelona.

The Seville Mosque Foundation’s center was targeted with anti-Muslim hate speech, such as ‘Killers, you’re going to pay’, and another one that used a slur for North Africans.

The graffiti, which was discovered on Saturday morning, also included threats to behead Muslims with micheti:s.

At the same time a mosque in Granada was attacked with flares by a gang of people in a horrific racist attack.

Shocking footage of the Granada attack shows children and families fleeing in terror as orange smoke filled the area, and around a dozen people chant racist slogans.

Around a dozen people descended on the mosque, holding a banner that said ‘Whoever finances this mosque, finances terrorism’ while spitting racist epithets.

Right-wing group Hogar Social has been accused of carrying out the attack, and were reportedly driven away by police officers.