We're sure everyone was as shocked as us when these strange remarks were uttered in the recent debate between the Shia Muslim activist, Brother Yasser Al-Alaei, and the "Sunni" Muslim propagandist of the Salafi movement, Shabir (Maiwand) Burhani.

Shabi (Maiwand) Burhani highly praises the Taliban and their "self-sacrifice operations." More strange than this was how he attempted to connect today's gruesome terror attacks with the "Best Muslims" (namely Imam Ali) that lived during the Prophet's (Peace be upon him and his family) time. Claiming that if today, ordinary Muslims are carrying out such acts, then Imam Ali (blessings be upon him) should have certainly carried out the same if his Caliphate was really usurped. Unfortunately he hasn't received the memo that Imam Ali (blessings be upon him), shared none of the monstrous characteristics that Abu Bakr did.

His comments are historically correct in the sense that historical figures such as Abur and Umar carried out numerous murderous and gruesome acts. It is also understandable why he would be in disbelief when not finding Imam Ali (blessings be upon him) doing the same. In the eyes of a Salafi, the companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family) were all on the same path. When in reality, as the Rafida continually prove through history; Imam Ali (blessings be upon him) and Abu Bakr shared no similarities what so ever. The former preached the original teachings of Islam, full of mercy and kindness, while the later preached a pre-Islamic, barbaric, and terroristic way of life.