Throughout the last few years following the scandalous reaction of the supporters of AICHA along with their so-called brothers in mothers’ milk among the walking stream of the crooked turbaned gurus
who belong to the hypocrite political down to earth community within the SHIA milieu, and who united to wage an ideological war against the first annual celebration which was organized by KHODAM AL MAHDI foundation guided and backed up by his excellence SHEIKH YASER A LHABIB in the commemoration of the death of the cursed AISHA the killer of the greatest messenger of ALLAH MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE UPON HIM, the main office of his excellence SHEIKH YASIR AL HABIB may ALLAH LOOKS after him which is localized in LONDON received a huge amount of letters of encouragement and praise for his heroic cultural uprising.
Therefore, that scandalous circus is deemed to be the most precious present offered indirectly to the sheikh throughout his life in that a multitude of families and individuals belonging to the so-called Sunni community have been guided to the SHIA faith when hide realities were unveiled before their eyes open wide to search and find out the truth about this criminal lady. From the very moment they discovered the light and the jewels that the holy words of the holy HOUSEHOLD AHL BAIT have symbolized for them through the mouth of his excellence the sheikh when following some series of his most well-known lecture and conferences .the fact that they were translated into international languages, these series were behind his notoriety and fame. Back to the time he was still in Kuwait his homeland, the sheikh was unknown to the great public. Indeed, this up side down events separated between good and evil, between true believers and hypocrites, between good and bad people. As a result, the number of faithfuls has been increased under the sacred flag of the prophet hand in hand with his holy household, whereas some prefer to stick to the lies of the so called Sunni and those who support them and flatter them among the SHIA for materialistic and social reasons which led them to pretend the love of the holy household in an artificial way, in other words it leads them to preach what they never can or will practice.
now after the publication of the book entitled THE OBSCENITY;THE OTHER FACE OF AICHA which the sheikh have ended up fully in the tenth of RAJAB of the lunar Muslim year 1431 then it was printed and distributed by the foundation to begin with the intellectuals and the knowledgeable people, the office received important phone calls among which a solemn one from one of the highly known scholars from the holy city of QOM as well as from other different scholars thought some mediators appreciations for the sheikh’s wisdom and scientific mastership of the narration and the prophetic traditions. Furthermore, they were grateful to the huge efforts put into his book to rise the moralistic issues through a logical full of proves language which did influenced their existence and changed completely their opinions and expectations about specific historical facts and events concerning those that took place after the murder of the greatest messenger MAY PEACE BE UPON HIS AS WELL AS HIS HOLY HOUSEHOLD. Above all, what really happened during the battle of the camel and many other events?
In addition, the office has received an urgent commendation to print the series of lectures concerning THE REDEMPTION OF THE SHIA HUMAN BEING in which the sheikh AL HABIB has gathered his watertight proves so that he can show the truth behind his methodology and pedagogy as well as the chosen style of preaching vis a vie the so called sunni and those who insist in rejecting the divine right of the prophet’s holy household MAY PEASE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON THEM, and how he defeat them by exposing their fallacies to protect the real creed. Throughout the already mentioned book the sheikh may he be protected presents various samples taken from the biographies of the IMAMS of the holy household along with vivid examples from the biographies of their worthy companions as well as the Shia poets and the ancient religious scientists who are the founding fathers of such a teaching method. As a fruitful result, the aim behind these contacts and phone calls led to the printing of these series in a unified book. Now the sheikh has achieved the whole work enriching it by enhancing it and adding other themes and subjects to the initial united form of the lectures with the help of those inspired to serve him and the religion of THE CREATOR THE MOST EXALTED. The final result is that the book has been printed and contains more than 800 pages which prove it to be considered the most significant and necessary publication of the sheikh in that it has been admired and appreciated by many.
As far as the sheikh is concerned, he still consider his efforts insufficient that is why he was obliged to answer the faithful’s inquiries in live shows via FADAK TV. He urged them to avoid flatteries so as not to fall in the trap of self-seduction. It would be better that they help him continue striving to purify through worthy efforts the progress of the best form of ISLAM for all mankind from the hindrances and the religious delinquencies that have found a way to interfere in our religion coming from earthly creeds and satanic invented believes without any vanity or pride. His able goal is to help others avoid their quest of truth all sort of personality’s cult which might lead them to consider him a saint. He above all insists on the fact that awareness and consciousness are exactly what this community needs to progress in the knowledge of its own victimization and those who have been unjust towards its prophets and participated in falsifying and distorting crucial realities. The sheikh also insist on the necessity for the faithfuls to widespread consciousness which is the appropriate way to support him in his struggle to stay faithful to his principles in a world where those who hold on their religions as if char coals were in their own hands.
The sheikh prayed to ALLAH THE MOST EXALTED not to be given a greater role and that the weal of fortune turns against him in the future so that he might be obliged to accept greater role while his excellent YASIR AL HABIB explained why he refuse such a responsibility in the present time as well as in the future because he who accept such a higher rank would be so difficult for him to adapt himself to the fact that he will be obliged to cope with the hypocrites and the corrupted the same way the greatest messenger MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE UPON HIM AS WELL AS HIS HOLY HOUSEHOLD did when he did bear,may our souls be sacrificed to him, with his patience and diplomacy all the first hypocrites who surrounded him so that he would avoid to the nation their enmities and mutiny. Furthermore, such kind of situation necessitate from the responsible not to reveal the truth sometimes so as to cope with the other creeds and religions and believes while maintaining the necessary equilibrium to kept Shia community in a better place. As a result, he might been obliged to impose a certain view point in order to avoid fraternal war and ideological battles for no significant reason and so many similar issues which spring from the nature of its priorities. To conclude such a difficult role of leadership does indeed restrain the liberty to the extent that it may prevent him to applicate the method of the great companion named ABOU THAR AL GAFARI and those who resemble him. Fact is, the pedagogy might be deformed in terms of acts and words which surely modify the style of his preachings.