for girls : do you love Imam Mahdi (af) ? Mahdi10

I asked her: Do you Love Imam Zamana (atfs) ?
She replied: Yes, alot.

I asked: Do Imam Zamana (atfs) love hijab?
She replied : Yes!

I asked: Then why don't you do Hijab which is liked by Imam?
She replied: It's good to observe Hijab but loving Imam Zamana has nothing to do with the physical image, it should be from within , by heart.

I said: I dislike this statement that it is not concerned to the physical appearance but heart.
She asked : Why?

I gave an eample: Say for instance, somebody comes and informs you that your husband is having dinner in *** resturant with a girl. You rush to the sight and find your husband with that girl talking and laughing and having dinner. You at once get mad, shout at him that he has been unsincere to you.

Your husband then tries to soothe you and says: Darling, I only Love you.
Then you shout at him again: If you love me then who is this girl and why have you been friends with her, why are you having dinner with her?
Then your husband says: Darling, don't concentrate on what you are witnessing. My heart is important. I love you deep inside.

--- I saw she has fallen into thinking something ---
Again, I asked her: Would you believe your husband then? Won't you ask him that if he loves you then what is this all about sitting with a girl , flirting...would you trust your husband then?
She replied: No! How can i believe or trust him when I have seen him myself flirting with a girl. Obviously, he is lying to me that he loves me.

I said: Then... Your hijab???
Tears rolled down her cheeks. She pulled down her scraf.

The next day, I saw her with a black veil. I smiled and said that coat would also have been enough for you.
She smiled back and said: No! Imam Zamana (atfs) likes this big veil more...